Thin Hair Guide: 7 Tricks To Add Fab Volume and Thickness

Thin Hair Guide: 7 Tricks To Add Fab Volume and Thickness

Are you tired of battling with thin, lifeless hair that refuses to cooperate no matter what you try? Do you find yourself longing for that enviable volume and thickness that seems reserved for shampoo commercials?

Well, you're in luck! Welcome to the Thin Hair Guide, where you will find the most fabulous tricks and insider secrets to achieve your dreams' luscious, voluminous locks.

Say goodbye to the frustrations of flat thin hair and hello to a world of full-bodied fabulousness. Whether you're looking to rock layered hairdos, tousled waves, or voluminous hairstyles, we've got you covered with these seven game-changing tricks.

So, get ready to boost your hair confidence and unlock the secrets to hair that's nothing short of sensational!

What’s the Reason Behind Hair Thinning?

Embracing the cultural and emotional significance of hair for Indian women is a beautiful aspect of our identity.

Our hair represents more than just a physical feature; it carries with it the essence of our heritage, traditions, and personal expression.

It's essential to recognise that hair thinning is a common issue many of us face, and it's normal to feel concerned about it.

Here are some common reasons behind thin hair in Indian women:

  • Nutritional Deficiencies 

Inadequate intake of essential nutrients, especially in a diet that lacks iron, biotin, zinc, and vitamins (like B-complex and D), can lead to thin hair or hair loss.

  • Hormonal Imbalance 

Hormonal changes, such as those experienced during pregnancy, postpartum, or menopause, can trigger thinning hair.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is also prevalent among women and can cause hormonal imbalances leading to thin hair or hair loss.

  • Stress and Lifestyle 

Modern Indian women often juggle multiple responsibilities, leading to increased stress levels. Chronic stress can disrupt hair growth cycles, resulting in thin hair or balding in women.

Making healthier lifestyle choices, such as choosing a smoke-free and moderate alcohol consumption and ensuring adequate rest, empowers us to nurture hair and enhance our overall health and happiness.

Remember, every positive step contributes to our well-being and confidence, allowing us to shine brightly in all aspects of our lives.

  • Scalp Infections 

Fungal or bacterial scalp infections like dandruff or ringworm can cause thin hair or balding in women.

Indian women, due to factors like hot and humid weather, may be more susceptible to these infections that can lead to thin hair.

  • Medical Conditions

Certain medical conditions, such as cancer and undergoing chemotherapy, can contribute to hair loss and thinning hair in women.

It's essential to be aware of these potential effects and approach hair care with sensitivity and understanding during such challenging times.

Supporting and nurturing hair during medical treatments can play a significant role in maintaining a positive outlook and self-assurance throughout the journey to recovery.

7 Tricks to Add Fab Volume and Thickness to Thin Hair

  1. Blow-Dry Upside Down 

This trick is a game-changer for flat, thin hair. After washing your hair, flip your head upside down and use a blow dryer on low to medium heat.

As you blow-dry, use your fingers to lift and scrunch the hair at the roots. This technique creates instant lift and volume by allowing your hair to dry in an upward direction.

Once dry, flip your hair back and enjoy the added fullness and bounce to your previously thin hair.

  1. Use Volumizing Products 

Invest in quality volumising hair products to give thin hair extra oomph. Look for shampoos and conditioners labelled "volumising" or "thickening," as they contain ingredients that add body and plumpness to your strands.

Additionally, use lightweight styling products, such as mousses or sprays, that won't weigh down thin hair but will still provide the desired volume and hold.

  1. Go for Layered Haircuts 

deepika padukone hairstyle

Go for layered haircuts to give thin hair a voluminous look

If you have thin hair, consider getting a layered haircut from a skilled hairstylist. Layers add movement and texture to thin hair, making your hair appear thicker and more voluminous.

Shorter layers around the crown of your head can provide lift, while longer layers add fullness to the ends.

  1. Try Volumizing Wigs

    anushka sharma short hair

Wave goodbye to thin hair with volumising wigs

If you're looking for an instant and hassle-free way to achieve voluminous and thick hair, consider trying volumising wigs.

Wigs come in various styles, lengths, and colours, allowing you to experiment with different looks without any commitment.

Go for wigs with natural-looking hair fibres that mimic real hair, ensuring a seamless blend with your natural hairline.

Volumising wigs can instantly transform your appearance, giving you the confidence to rock any hairstyle with enviable volume and thickness.

  1. Dry Shampoo to the Rescue 

Dry shampoo is a holy grail product for adding volume and texture to thin hair. Spray dry shampoo at the roots, focusing on the areas where you want to add lift.

The dry shampoo absorbs excess oil and provides grip, creating the illusion of thicker hair. Massage the product into your scalp, and you'll be amazed at the instant boost in volume.

  1. Tease Your Roots 

    tips to care hair

Achieve instant hair volume by teasing your hair roots

Teasing your hair at the roots is an age-old technique for achieving instant volume. Take a fine-tooth comb and gently backcomb small sections of hair near the crown of your head.

Remember to be gentle to avoid causing damage to thin hair. After teasing the selected sections, gently smooth the top layer of hair over the teased areas to achieve a polished look.

  1. Embrace Texturizing Sprays 

Texturising sprays are a fantastic addition to your hair care routine, especially for fine hair.

By applying these sprays, thin hair gains added grit and texture, simplifying the styling process and creating the illusion of thicker hair.

Simply spray the product evenly through your hair, focusing on the roots and mid-lengths, and then scrunch or tousle your hair for a beachy, voluminous look. 

Why Choose Wigs?

When it comes to achieving voluminous hair, there is no better way to achieve it than using wigs. They are the best and the safest way to do so; here’s why:

  • Immediate Transformation 

Wigs offer an immediate and dramatic transformation. With just one step – putting on a wig – you can instantly achieve the voluminous hair you desire, regardless of your natural hair's thickness or length.

It's a quick and hassle-free way to instantly change your look and boost your confidence.

  • Customisable Volume 

Wigs come in various styles and densities, allowing you to choose the desired volume level.

Whether you want subtle, natural-looking volume or bold, dramatic fullness, there's a wig to suit your preferences.

You have the freedom to experiment with different styles and looks without committing to permanent changes.

  • Conceals Hair Thinning 

For those experiencing hair thinning or balding in women, wigs provide an excellent solution to cover and conceal such concerns.

They effectively hide any thinning areas or bald spots, giving the appearance of a full head of voluminous hair.

Paula Young® India is your go-to solution for achieving immediate length and volume with wigs. Our high-quality wigs not only provide instant volume to your hair but also empower you to attain the hairstyle of your dreams!

Choose from a diverse selection of colours, lengths, and textures to find the perfect match for you. Experience the transformation and versatility of our exceptional wigs!


Achieving fabulous volume and thickness for thin hair is no longer an elusive dream. These simple yet effective techniques can work wonders if you have thin hair, from blow-drying upside down for instant lift to using volumising products and teasing roots for added body.

Embrace the above-mentioned tricks as part of your hair care and styling routine, and witness the remarkable transformation in your hair's fullness and bounce.

The best way to achieve voluminous hair instantly is via hair wigs. You can now choose from a wide range of excellent quality wigs from Paula Young® India!

So, say goodbye to thin hair woes and hello to a hair journey filled with volume, thickness, and head-turning glamour.

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