Layered Hair: Get Bollywood Glamour In Minutes With Wigs

Layered Hair: Get Bollywood Glamour In Minutes With Wigs

Bollywood has given rise to numerous talented actors who have been setting trends for decades. From long hair with a flick to bob hairstyles, Bollywood's evolution has been remarkable. However, amidst the ever-changing trends, one element has consistently endured: layered hair.

As pretty as layered hairstyles look, achieving them may be a task unless you are using layered hair wigs!

Say goodbye to endless salon visits and hello to instant glam that's as effortless as it is breathtaking. From mesmerising waves to voluminous tresses, achieve those Bollywood looks you have been craving!

Dive into the world of Bollywood glamour and achieve your favourite hairstyles.

Why are Layered Hair Wigs the Best Way to Achieve Bollywood Hairstyles?

  • Instant Transformation 

Layered hair wigs offer an instant makeover that perfectly mirrors the diverse hairstyles seen on the silver screen.

With pre-styled layers, you can effortlessly switch from classic waves to voluminous curls without the need for hours of hairstyling.

  • Versatile Styling 

The strategically placed layers in layered hair wigs enable you to achieve a multitude of Bollywood hairstyles.

Whether it's the elegance of a bun, the charisma of loose waves, or the sophistication of a ponytail, layered wigs grant you the versatility to embody various iconic looks.

  • Effortless Maintenance 

Maintaining intricate Bollywood hairstyles can be time-consuming and challenging. With layered wigs, upkeep becomes a breeze.

The expert construction and craftsmanship of the layered hair wigs ensure that the layers retain their shape, texture, and bounce, saving you time and effort.

  • Authentic Appearance 

Layered wigs are designed to mimic the natural flow and movement of real hair.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, they seamlessly blend with your features, providing an authentic and polished appearance that's camera-ready.

  • Limitless Confidence 

When you wear a layered wig for Bollywood glamour, you're not just embracing a hairstyle—you're embracing a character, a persona.

The confidence that stems from looking and feeling like your favourite stars translates into a radiant aura that captivates every room you enter.

5 Bolly-Inspired Layered Hairstyles to Achieve with Layered Hair Wigs

  1. Aishwarya’s Voluminous Curls

Aishwarya's voluminous curls exude grace and glamour. Simply put on a layered wig, and if desired, use a wide-barrel curling iron to enhance the curls. Ensure the wig is heat-resistant before applying heat to the wig.

Shake the hair gently to let the layers cascade naturally, and you'll have a look that's fit for a Bollywood queen.

Discover the allure of heat-resistant wigs and their practicality in the blog, Why Should You Buy Heat Resistant Synthetic Wigs, so that you can make an informed choice!

  1. Alia’s Loose Ponytail

alia bhatt hairstyles

Get Alia’s voluminous wavy ponytail style with layered hair wigs

Achieve Alia's effortless charm with a voluminous wavy ponytail.

Secure the layered hair wig into a loose ponytail, allowing a few strands to frame your face and enjoy a youthful and trendy look.

Eager to delve deeper into Alia Bhatt's stunning hairstyles? Immerse yourself in the blog, 11 Alia Bhatt Hairstyles To Give You Locks of Glam!  and discover detailed step-by-step techniques that will guide you in recreating Alia Bhatt's iconic hairstyles with finesse.

  1. Half-Up, Half-Down

Embrace Shraddha’s sophisticated half-up, half-down style with a layered hair wig. For this look, gather the top layers of the wig and secure them into a half-up ponytail.

Let the remaining layers flow freely, creating a chic and versatile look that's perfect for any occasion.

  1. Kangana Ranaut’s Sleek Center Part

Emulate Kangana Ranaut's bold and chic look with a sleek centre-part hairstyle. Use a flat iron to create straight and sleek layers on the wig.

Part the hair in the centre and tuck the strands behind your ears for a polished finish. This hairstyle exudes confidence and modern sophistication.

  1. Deepika’s Classic Loose Waves

deepika padukone hairstyle
Achieve elegant classic loose waves with layered hair wigs


Embrace the timeless elegance of Deepika's loose waves. With a layered wig like the Gayle Wig by Paula Young®, you can replicate her signature hairstyle effortlessly.

Just shake the wig, run your fingers through the layers of hair cut, and you're ready to rock the red carpet look.

Yearning for a Bollywood-worthy hairstyle in just minutes? Look no further than the Gayle Wig, which offers precisely that.

The hassle-free styling of this curly-layered wig allows you to effortlessly switch up your appearance on the spot, just like your favourite Bollywood stars.

Wear the layered hair wig as per your comfort and get heads turning!

Why Choose Paula Young® India?

layered medium hair
Layered hair wigs

When pursuing excellence and elegance in layered hair wigs, it's crucial to identify a renowned and dependable brand that provides top-notch wigs at reasonable prices, offering you endless styles and possibilities.

This is where Paula Young® India steps in, streamlining your journey and enhancing your experience.

Renowned for our commitment to excellence, Paula Young® India offers a wide range of layered hair wigs that capture the essence of natural beauty.

With a dedication to craftsmanship and innovation, our collection caters to various preferences, ensuring you find the perfect layered wig to match your unique style.

Whether you're stepping into the world of Bollywood glamour or simply embracing a fresh look, Paula Young® India is your trusted destination for layered hair wigs that effortlessly blend beauty and authenticity. Here’s why:

  • Diverse Range of Layered Hair Wigs 

Paula Young® India offers an extensive collection of layered wigs that cater to a wide range of Bollywood-inspired hairstyles.

Whether you're aiming for layered short hair, loose waves, voluminous curls, sleek ponytails, or intricate braids, our diverse selection ensures you'll find the perfect wig to embody your desired Bollywood look without the need for layers of hair cut.

  • Craftsmanship and Realism 

The layered wigs from Paula Young® India are intricately designed to imitate the authentic flow and texture of natural hair.

Each layer is strategically designed to cascade naturally, creating an authentic appearance that mirrors the glamour of Bollywood hairstyles.

The attention to detail and realism in our wigs sets us apart in achieving an impeccable Bollywood-inspired look.

  • Ease of Use and Convenience 

With our layered hair wigs, you can achieve elaborate Bollywood hairstyles without the time-consuming effort of styling and salon visits.

Our pre-styled wigs allow instant transformations, saving you valuable time while delivering a flawless, camera-ready look that's perfect for any occasion.


With the magic of instant transformation, achieving iconic Bollywood hairstyles becomes as effortless as it is stunning. From Deepika's waves to Alia's messy ponytail, layered wigs offer you a ticket to Bollywood’s celebrity glam within minutes.

If you're searching for layered hair wigs, Paula Young® India is your go-to destination. We're all about top-notch quality and absolute excellence. Our range showcases fantastic layered hair wigs that help you effortlessly attain the look you desire.


Whether you're aiming for a Bollywood-inspired hairstyle or aiming to set a fresh trend with layered short hair wigs, Paula Young® India has got you sorted.


So what’s the wait for? Unleash your inner Bollywood diva, for with layered hair wigs, you're not just creating hairstyles; you're embodying the essence of silver screen allure.



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